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For many, the Certified ScrumMaster® or Professional Scrum Master™ exam is the most nerve-wracking aspect of gaining a Scrum Master certification. This course aims to prepare you for this final hurdle in the quest to becoming a Certified ScrumMaster® with Scrum Alliance, or Professional Scrum Master™ Level I with

Created by a highly respected Certified Scrum Trainer with years of experience in the industry, the course has been designed to demonstrate what to expect from the Scrum Master exams, from explanations, through to the vast range of topics covered in the 230 questions that make up our mock exams, inspired by questions from the real Certified ScrumMaster® and Professional Scrum Master™ Level I exams.

This course contains 4 set mock exams, and a mock exam with a randomised question bank of over 230 questions covering a range of topics included in the Certified ScrumMaster® and Professional Scrum Master™ Level I training:

  1. 1
    • Course Introduction

    • Scrum Master Mock Exam Structure & Guidance

  2. 2
    • Scrum Master Mock Exam - Set 1

    • Scrum Master Mock Exam - Set 2

    • Scrum Master Mock Exam - Set 3

    • Scrum Master Mock Exam - Set 4

  3. 3
    • Scrum Master Mock Exam - Randomised Question Bank

  4. 4
    • Final word from your trainer

    • Further Reading

    • Feedback

    • Further Support

What's Included?

  • An immersive virtual learning experience taught by a highly respected, globally renowned Certified Scrum Trainer, John McFadyen

  • 4 set mock exams, each made up of 50 questions

  • A randomised mock exam with over 230 possible questions

  • Downloadable certificate upon course completion, signed by John McFadyen

  • Continuous access to the digital course on our secure learning platform.

  • 2 Scrum Education Units (SEUs).

Get to Know Your Trainers

John McFadyen, Agile Centre Partner

John McFadyen is a business and executive Agile coach with proven experience in coaching senior managers and executives at some of the world's largest organisations. John works with people and teams to unlock new perspectives and approaches to achieving their goals.

Blending his 15 years' experience in Agile frameworks and Lean techniques from the software development world with his professional coach training and complexity theory, John has created a unique approach to coaching with a strong focus on end goals, the right level of planning and actions designed to gain momentum.

Recently these skills have been used to help organisations build their internal Agile capability by forming and coaching communities of practice. This has been achieved through the development of the internal experienced practitioners within the organisation into high performing coaches.

  • Learn at your own pace

    Take as much time as you need to assimilate the concepts, pause when you need to, rewind if you have missed something or repeat the classes as many times as necessary.

  • High quality learning at your convenience

    Learn from the best in the industry with content that is refined, continuously updated and relevant! Work through the course from anywhere, and at anytime. You have continuous access.

  • Join our growing community

    Become part of a successful and participative community, with which you will be able to share knowledge, experiences and all kinds of relevant information.

Why Choose Us?

At Agile Centre, we don’t just teach Agile, we live it. A great deal of our success has been achieved by actively practising Agile and Scrum values in all departments.

  • We have designed this course from the ground up for self-paced, on-demand learning using tried and tested techniques to provide an engaging and compelling experience.

  • Our courses are delivered by highly respected Certified Scrum Trainers with decades of experience delivering high-quality Scrum training, coaching and consulting.


Who is the course suitable for?

This on-demand training is suitable for aspiring Scrum Masters who are preparing to take the Certified ScrumMaster® exam with Scrum Alliance, Professional Scrum Master™ Level I exam with, or anyone who would like to test their Agile and Scrum knowledge.

What will participants learn?

  • The requirements of the Certified ScrumMaster® certification.
  • The requirements of the Professional Scrum Master™ Level I certification.
  • The structure, types of questions and passing requirements of the Certified ScrumMaster® exam.
  • The structure, types of questions and passing requirements of the Professional Scrum Master™ Level I exam.
  • Participants can choose between 4 sets of questions, inspired by real exam questions, or a randomised bank of over 230 questions.

How is self-paced learning different from live delivery?

The benefit of learning in this way means you can learn at your own pace. You can ‘rewind’ and go over the same section more than once. You can learn from wherever is most convenient to you – and you don’t have to take away from work time.

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